Music and the Mind: Highlighting The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain Edited By Michael H. Thaut and Donald A. Hodges (MUS) ML3830 .O84 2019

Are you a Music major with a certificate in Neuroscience, or vice versa? Are you interested in learning about the way that music interacts with our brains on a scientific level? Look no further than this exciting add to Mendel’s new book section, The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

This book is a verifiable anthology, a collection of work by 54 authors from 13 countries, spanning the past fifty years of research. The handbook is divided into several sections, covering topics from the history of music and neuroscience to the cultural implications of neuromusical research to the future of the field as a whole.

If you’ve ever been curious about popular myths like whether learning music at a young age improves motor skills and intelligence, or if listening to a Mozart sonata while studying helps you concentrate, you’ll likely be able to find the answers in this anthology. The balance between musical and scientific analysis will hold the interest of people from all disciplines and interests! The specific answer to the first question is on page 424 in a section by Dr. Virginia B. Penhune titled “The Interaction Between Development and Training.” If you’ve been curious about the validity of this myth, check for the answer in this research paper!

The Oxford Handbook may seem dense and intimidating upon first glance, but don’t be afraid of approaching the reasonably large book, if you don’t have a strong background in science and music – this book is readable to all! Check it out in the new book section in Mendel, and plop down in one of our lovely studying corners for some musically and scientifically stimulating material.