A Weekly Look at Mendel’s New Books

Mendel Music Library’s new book section is by far my favorite to peruse. When I’m not on the hunt for a specific score or resource for class, I always find myself drifting back towards this section for a new read.

So, in honor of my love for this little corner of Mendel, I’m highlighting a couple of new reads at Mendel that you should check out if you have some spare time! It can be overwhelming to tackle the plethora of books, often with musical jargon in the title, but these books are readable for any amount of musical experience. 

Curating Pop: Exhibiting Popular Music in the Museum Sarah Baker, Lauren Istvandity and Raphael Nowak, ML3470 .B356 2019

If you’re at all interested in museums and music, this is the read for you! Curating Pop is a fascinating read with an in depth interviews with museum workers and curators from global music museums. The book provides insights to how popular music and its history is presented to visitors and the public at large. I really enjoyed how this novel gave me an intimate look into the thought processes and decision-making of real museum curators from all around the world. Definitely a read if you’re interested in how the music you’re shown at museums ends up in those spots!

Revenge of the She-Punks Vivien Goldman, ML82 .G64 2019

Revenge of the She-Punks covers four primary themes identity, money, love and protest in a fascinating study of punk music. This book is a blend of many different types of source material: interviews, documented history, and her own personal experience as a music writer. The history and present of punk music for women is richly illustrated in this novel. If you’re interested in the intersection of gender and music, this read is definitely deserving of a perusal. 

Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band John Pring and Rob Thomas, ML421 . B4 P756 2018

Sure, there are a lot of books about The Beatles, but none quite as visually pleasing as Visualizing The Beatles. As the name suggests, this book is filled with beautifully illustrated graphics and images that makes it both mentally and visually stimulating while you’re flipping through. This book packs in a lot of information in a delightful way, drawing your attention from page to brightly-colored page. Truly a “whole new way of looking at The Beatles,” this read cannot be missed!