Naxos Music Library Records Now in the Princeton Library Catalog

The library has purchased a limited set of catalog records for thousands of the streamed audio recordings in the Naxos Music Library, making it now possible to access these recordings directly from the Princeton Library catalog without searching the Naxos Music Library directly. You can recognize these catalog records by [electronic resource] in the title, Naxos Music Library in the publisher and series fields, “ONLINE” for the location, “electronic resource” as the call no., and, of course, the direct link in the “Electronic access” field. By clicking on this link, you will directly launch this recording in the Naxos Music Library database. Here is a sample of the key fields:

Title: O mio babbino caro [electronic resource] : famous soprano arias from Italian operas.
Published/Created: [Hong Kong] : Naxos Music Library, [2004]
Electronic access:
Series: Naxos Music Library.
Location: *ONLINE*
Call number: Electronic Resource

Remember, if you are accessing the catalog from a remote, non-Princeton location, you must have VPN or the proxy server running in the background for the direct link into the Naxos Music Library to work; otherwise, a log-on window will prevent you from entering the resource.

To date, there are 6,142 records now in the Princeton Library catalog describing and pointing to recordings in the Naxos Music Library. To see all of them, search “naxos music library” as the publisher and electronic as a title in the guided search, or click on this link for a pre-canned search. You might want to sort by author for an easier preview once the results appear on the screen.

Keep in mind that acceptable cataloging for all the recordings in the Naxos Music Library is presently not available (particularly for recordings added since 2009), and that to get a full picture of all the recordings available, you must search the Naxos Music Library directly. Nevertheless, it’s a real bonus to have even this limited access to over 6,000 complete recordings available at the click of a mouse now available directly from the Princeton Library catalog. 

New Search Interface and Cross-Search Options for RILM and the Music Index

We now have a new interface for The Music Index Online and RILM Abstracts of Music Literature via EBSCOhost. We have revised the links on the main library electronic resources page, the Mendel Music Library Web page, and also the Music LibGuide. There could be some now errant links out there in on other pages you might occasionally use (please report if you encounter any).

Because the Music Index and RILM now are on the same searching platform, it is easy to cross-search both databases for simultaneous searching of names and terms–thus casting a wider net, since there is a good bit of the music literature not covered by both resources. You can refine the search in either of these databases to also include the other by clicking on the "Choose Resources" link at the top of the screen. But easier is to just use this link (,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=mah&defaultdb=rih) – which is now also on the Mendel Web page as well as the Music LibGuide.

If you have old, book-marked links, you should change them so that they will connect to these new paths:

Music Index: (


Please note: these links only work from Princeton terminals or by using a VPM or ProxyServer connection for authorized Princeton users working from remote locations.

Savvy searchers may also note that there is a new search default on all the EBSCOhost products: "Find all my search terms" – the default used to be Boolean/Phrase, which led to all sorts of false results for those used to basic keyword searching as a default in so many commonly used search engines.

I think you will prefer the EBSCO search interface for RILM over the previous one; similarly for the Music Index–although in this case we have no option as EBSCO bought out the Music Index last week. Such is corporate life in the world of music research as well!

Happy searching,


Audio Reserves Now Available in Blackboard!

With the help of systems staff, we’ve finally been able to perform a minor (or perhaps major) Mendel miracle here — audio reserves are now available in Blackboard by clicking the Audio Reserve link within the course. There will no longer be a need for an extra password. Enrolled students (and, of course, the faculty member) can now access all print, visual, and audio reserve materials in one place for a course — and have a total picture of what is available on reserve in all formats for the course as well.
Students can access fall 2009 course reserves from the new Mendel Music Library home page in the Quick Links box.

A special thanks to Mendel’s e-reserves supervisor Dan Gallagher for shepherding this enhancement through a long path of many months to completion this week.