Welcome to New Staff Member Abbey Thompson

The Mendel Music Library is delighted to extend a hearty welcome to our new staff member Abbey Thompson as manager for Collection Services and Technical Processing, as well as Web site editor.  Abbey has master’s degrees in musicology and library science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bachelor of arts degree in performance from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She hails from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where she was a library assistant in the Children’s Literature Research Collection. Previously to that, she was a project librarian in the eleven-county public library cooperative for southeastern Minnesota (SELCO), where she variously worked as a project grant manager, cataloger, and Web site editor. While at UNC she was a graduate research assistant in the Metadata Research Center in the School of Information & Library Science and the Rare Book Collection and Southern Folklife Collection of the UNC libraries. She was also a teaching assistant in the UNC Music Department for two years. She also has been the Webmaster for the Midwest chapter of the Music Library Association. Her e-mail is abbeyt@princeton.edu. If you use the Mendel Music Library, please introduce yourself to Abbey! You’ll see her often at the circulation desk and in the stacks taking care of the collection.

New Circulation Desk in the Mendel Music Library

The installation of the new circulation / public services desk in Princeton’s Mendel Music Library finished up last week. All we need to finish up the project are a couple of minor tweaks and a new chair for the circulation desk student–all to come in the next couple of weeks.To inaugurate this terrific and much-needed enhancement for the library, it seemed only fitting to give Beethoven long-overdue Princeton recognition with an appropriate honor–he now sports his own Tiger cap.

22859-Mendel Circ Desk 1-thumb-250x140-22856.jpg22861-Mendel Circ Desk 2-thumb-250x140-22858.jpg

22863-Mendel Circ Desk 3-thumb-250x140-22857.jpg22865-Beethoven Mendel-thumb-250x140-22855.jpg

Welcome to the Mendel Music Library Blog at Princeton University!

Since arriving at Princeton University on April 1 (no fooling!) as the new music librarian for the Arthur Mendel Music Library, one of my chief goals has been to set up a blog for the Mendel Music Library–often just called “Mendel.” Finally it has arrived! There are a host of reasons to publish this blog, and they will become obvious as the blog’s content develops–but its fundamental purpose, of course, is to reach out to the array of Mendel patrons (the students and faculty of the Princeton Music Department, the Princeton community at large, and the wide range of music researchers and music lovers who visit the library and use its collections) with items of interest, updates on new acquisitions, exhibits, new or recently discovered electronic resources and Web sites, research tools, sundry bits of information from hours to policies, and so forth. And, of course, to encourage feedback and comments from Mendel users on what I post here.  The Mendel Music Library staff look forward to keeping you informed and engaging in a lively dialog about issues concerning the music library and its collections!

Many thanks to Michael Muzzie, digital media consultant in the Office of Information Technology for his help in setting up this blog–and no doubt much guidance in the future.



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