Locate Mendel Library Materials with New StackMap Tool

GPS has come to Mendel! We are excited to announce the launch of a new StackMaps feature that enables Mendel Music Library patrons to zero in on the exact location of materials shelved in the library (this tool is also available in other branches). From the catalog record for books and scores, you can now click on the location link to open a window that shows exactly where the item is located in the Mendel stacks. Here’s how to bring up the maps in the standard catalog and SearchIt.

From the individual bibliographic records in the standard catalog interface, click on:

Item details: Where to find it:

19578-burnham voyager-thumb-400x250-19573-thumb-400x250-19577.jpg

From the new SearchIt interface, click on the Locations & Availability tab, and then click on the Where to find it icon:
19591-searchit wheretofind-thumb-250x58-19588-thumb-100x23-19589.jpg

19581-burnham searchit-thumb-400x173-19580.jpg

And voila! Up comes a map showing you exactly where to find the item in the Mendel stacks:

19584-stackmaps burham full-thumb-500x447-19582.jpg

This new feature will be particularly helpful for finding scores and books located in separate collections based on size or material type, such as study scores, oversized items (q), folios (f), reference books and scores (SV), facsimiles (SVF), and periodicals (MUSP). Keep in mind, however, that these maps designate where the item is found when shelved in the library. It does not indicate that items are checked out, lost, or otherwise absent from their normal homes on the shelves. Check the status indication to determine if the item is available, checked out, lost, or temporarily relocated before following the map to the first or second floors of Mendel.

We are still refining some formatting for correctly indicating the location of materials held behind the circulation desk (CDs, DVDs, microfilms, etc.); eventually the maps will indicate that you can obtain these items by requesting them at the circulation desk.

If you find yourself misdirected by any of the Mendel StackMaps, please inform Maggie Capewell so that she can correct the coding.

We appreciate any feedback you have to offer on this feature!

2 thoughts on “Locate Mendel Library Materials with New StackMap Tool

  1. Thanks a lot for providing these infos. Luckily it is now possible to find the exact location of Mendel’s materials using GPS and the StackMaps feature in the library. I stumbled over it a bit late but i’m glad that i found it now.
    Please provide more features like that in the future.

  2. The new StackMaps feature is extremely useful to me. I didn’t know this until I searched the internet and found this great info. I have no more difficulties in finding study scores.
    Just click on the location link to open a window that shows exactly where the item is located in the Mendel stacks. Thank you for the great improvement of the system and we all appreciate it!

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