Online Version of Taruskin’s Oxford History of Western Music Now Available

I am happy to break too long a silence on this blog to announce that Princeton now has online access to the full-text of Richard Taruskin’s award-winning magnum opus Oxford History of Western Music (, originally published in 2005 (hardcover, 6 vols.) and reissued in paperback (2009-10, 5 vols.) This electronic version is only available to authorized Princeton users, and if you are accessing remotely, remember that you must have VPN (or the proxy server) running in the background.

A bit about this resource:

“The Oxford History of Western Music
online offers an
unmatched account of the evolution of Western classical music by one of
the most prominent and provocative musicologists of our time, Richard
Taruskin. Since its original publication in print [in 2005 and subsequent reissue in 2009-10], Taruskin’s landmark
study has received universal acclaim and numerous awards.” More information is available on the home page of the electronic version and also from the Oxford University Press here.

Features of the online version include:

  • The full text from The Oxford History of Western Music (2009 edition) with notes, bibliographies, and further readings for all 69 chapters.
  • 500 illustrations, 1,800 musical examples, and index from the 2009 print edition.
  • More than 1,700 editorially-selected links to relevant entries in Grove Music Online.
  • Sophisticated search and browse options for easy navigation of
    the text, and the original pagination from the 2009 edition is retained
    to aid location of references.
  • Printer-friendly format.
  • Export citations automatically to ProCite™, EndNote™, Reference Manager™, RefWorks™, and Zotero™.
  • DOIs (data object identifiers) and static URLs.

Enjoy this new addition to Princeton’s electronic texts on music!



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  1. Richard Taruskin rocks! It’s great that you finally put the online version here. It’s such a great resource for the study of Music History. Thank you for the valuable works!

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